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Mehsani Buffalo

Mehsana Buffalo - Mehsani is famous as persistent milker and regular breeder

Synonyms  : Mehsani, Mehsana


  • The breed is considered to be a cross between Surti & Murrah.
  • Breeding tract It is named after the town of Mehsana. Breeding Tract is in and around Mehsana, Banaskantha and Sabarkantha districts of the northern part of Gujarat..
  • Age at First Parturition Average 42-48 Months (NBAGR source: 22-54 months with average of 43 months)
  • Milk Production/ lactation 1800-2000 Kg.(NBAGR source: 598-3597 Kg with average of 1988 kg)
  • Parturition Interval 10-31 months with average of 16 months (NBAGR source)
  • Milk Fat percentage Average 7-7.5 % (NBAGR source: 5.2-9.5% with avg. of 7%)

Total estimated Population in the state (2007) 33,70,215 (2007)   Currently Progeny Testing Programme is being run by NDDB at Dudgsagar Dairy, Mehsana.


Morphological Features


  • Colour  : Mostly black, a few animals are black brown or brown
  • Horn Shape & Size : Horns are generally sickle shaped with the curve more upward than in the Surti breed and less curved then in the Murrah breed. They are generally bent downward and then take a curve like the horns of a ram.
  • Weight  : Average 484 Kg (NBAGR source) in Males and 565 Kg (NBAGR source) in Females

Eyes are very prominent, black and bright bulging from their sockets with folds of skin on upper lids.