Krishi Vigyan Kendra

KVK, Mehsana
Mon-Sat: 09:00 - 04:00
  1. Conducting the “On farm testing” for identifying technologies in terms of location  specific sustainable land use  systems. In order to solve the most important and widely spread problem of the district on the farm trials on various aspects in the fields of the agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Home science are organized by the KVK in working area.
  2. Organize training to update the extension personnel with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis : In order to wide to spread of the latest recommendation among its ultimate user, training is imparted to the extension workers and in-service grass root extension personal. Various need based short term  and long term training programme both on campus and off campus are organized by the KVK on regular basis.
  3. Organize short and long vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the farmers and rural youth with emphasis on “Learning by doing for higher production on farmers and generating self employments : I order to benefit large number of farmers and farm women, attempt are made to organized long term and short term on campus and off campus training programme on various aspects of agriculture, Anima Husbandry and Home Science. Vocational Training Progamme: To benefit to rural youth and members of self help group andsakhi mandal of the district. Various long term and short term vocational training programme are  organized by the centre. In addition to this special training on latest aspect viz  organic farming, farmers interest group, biotechnology etc also organized by the KVK for rural youth of the district.
  4.  Organize the front line demonstration on various crops for generating production data and feedback information.

The front line demonstration are planned and laid out on selected technologies which are relevant for the district and which can facilitate the training programmes. How ever, the major. However, the major objective of the frontline demonstrate newly released crop production technologies in the farmers fields. under different agro climatic regions and farming situation.

Besides production technologies, other component demonstration also laid out, in order to show the effect of a single component like seed, fungicides insecticides, micronutrient etc. frontline demonstration are conducted in block of 2-4 hectares land in order to have better impact of the demonstrated technologies on the farmers and field level extension functionaries.

Other extension activities:

Apart from the above mentioned main activities other extension activities also carried out to reach the large number of the farmer and farm women. Activities viz., celebration of farmer clubs days, field days, formation of farmers clubs and Self Help Groups(SHG), special campaign viz. celebration of important days, fields days formation of farmers clubs and self help group, special campaign viz soil and water testing, safe grain animal health check up etc. night training camp, radio talk, farmers interest group, kishan ghosti, workshop, seminar, entraining meeting, extrainee  sammmelan, scientists-farmers interaction, subscription of agricultural  magazine for farmers, exposure visit, telephonic guidance, diagnostic service etc. are performed by the KVK on regular basic.