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On Farm Trial (OFT) takes existing new technology and tailors it to defined areas and defined group of farmers. OFT is essentially problem solving research with farmers’ perspective


  • To identify existing practices that may help solve major problems of many farmers in a defined area. Farming system perspective to OFT
  • Farming system perspective employees seeing things from the farmers view point. It means that OFT should:
  • Be sensitive to farming systems interactions.
  • Understand how the farming system operates

Ongoing OFT

S.No Crop/ enterprise Prioritized problem Title of intervention
1 Cumin Low yield of cumin Assessment of new release GC-5 variety
2 Wheat Low yield of late sown wheat Assessment of late sown new release  GW-499 variety
3 Cumin Very low yield and low market price due to inferior seed quality Assessment of technology for  management of alternaria blight in cumin
4 Cotton Low yield due to infestation of pink bollworm Assessment of savaj MDP technology for the management of pink boll worm
5 Mehsani Buffalo Anestrus in lactacting bufalloes Assessment of Chelated mineral mixture  and deworming effect on anestrus condition in lactacting buffalo
6 Mango Squash Spoilage of Squash during storage Assessment of Mango Squash preparation method
7 Watermelon Low yield of water melon and high evaporation rate of soil moisture Assessment of mulching technique in water melon
8 Mehsani buffalo Tick infestation leading to reduced milk production Assessment of ectoparasiticides to control tick infestation in Mehsani buffaloes
9 Bajara biscuit Bajaraflour is not used in making biscuit Assessment of different preparation method of bajara biscuit
10 Lime Harvester Deteriorate quality and low market price of lime fruit Harvesting of lime fruit through improved lime harvester


Farmer’s rationality

Increase their income.
At reasonable level of risk

In a given complex environment

Compatible with current farming system

Steps in On Farm Trial

Planning (setting priorities)
Extrapolation / Extension

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